Challenges Updated


For those of you who have been waiting for this, please accept my apologies. I have updated the Challenges page, and have assessed all challenges submitted prior to 25 April 2012.

You can check your current status in terms of Challenges here.

You will notice there is a new column in the chart: “Bonus Days.” I have never had serious problems keeping up with Challenges in the past, but this semester I have more courses than usual, and they are heavier courses. Therefore, to make up for the delay that has happened, those people who waited longer than 14 days for a response have been awarded “Bonus” Days.

A bonus day reduces the amount of time you need to wait to submit a new challenge. Normally, if you submit one challenge on May 1st, I am supposed to evaluate your challenge by May 15th, and you cannot submit the next challenge until after that day. However, you can spend your “Bonus Days” to reduce the waiting time. If you spend 5 Bonus Days, then you can submit the next challenge on May 10th, instead of waiting until the full two weeks.

I hope this makes up for the delay. I’ll try avoid further delays.

If you have not filled our your Midterm Self-Evaluation, scroll down for the link and instructions!

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