Presentation Contest Dates & Times


I mentioned the times for the Presentation Contest: I now have room numbers as well. Here they are:

  • Monday 14th May: 5~7pm @ IH267
  • Tuesday 15th May: 5~7pm @ HB107 (미카엘홀)

Students in all my classes except Public Speaking are expected to attend one session of the Presentation Contest. (If you are in multiple classes, attending once counts for all your other classes.) Making sure your attendance is tracked is up to you — I cannot help you if you do not do this.

In addition, I expect you to write personalized feedback for the “best” and the “worst” speaker of the evening, according to your opinion. Tell them what they did well, and what they could do better. (A single paragraph for each is enough.) Your feedback will be submitted to the student, so be honest but do not be cruel.

I have changed my mind. Instead of writing personalized feedback for two students, you will make enough copies of this form for all students speaking on the evening you attend:

You will submit the forms to the department office. Do not write your name on the forms: they will be given to the students who gave the speeches, and the feedback should be anonymous. Just staple all your feedback in one pile, and then put your name and student number (and which of my class/classes you are taking) on a post-it-note or a separate sheet at the top of the pile. That way, you can get homework credit for the feedback forms you submit.

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