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Presentation Contest – Gord's Classes
  • Presentation Contest


    I mentioned the times for the Presentation Contest: I now have room numbers as well. Here they are:

    • Monday 14th May: 5~7pm @ IH267
    • Tuesday 15th May: 5~7pm @ HB107 (미카엘홀)

    Students in my Public Speaking class are required to attend both sessions if possible. When you attend, make sure your attendance is tracked by a secretary. You are also required to make and bring copies of this form —  enough copies for all speakers (though I would bring a couple of extras if I were you). You will fill out one form for each student who speaks, ranking them in terms of each skill on the form, and you will also write personal feedback for each student.

    The forms are due by the end of the week, but you will probably be able to hand them in on Wednesday if you will them out during/after the speeches. (Especially if you read them carefully before the first day of the contest.) Do not write your name on the forms, since they will be given to the students who did the speaking. Instead, staple them together (one pile for the first night, and a second pile for the second night) and attach a post-it note to each pile with your name and student number on it. This way, our department secretary can track your feedback sheets so you will get a homework credit for submitting them.

    If you cannot attend the session directly because of another class, bring your schedule to the office (IH341) and ask for the secretary to copy it and mark your excusal on the attendance form. You will still be required to fill out a feedback form for every speaker (using the video of the contest), and will probably have to do so in the department office, during office hours. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make every effort possible to attend both sessions!

    There will be a final round, probably a week later (I’ll announce the date soon), and you will also be expected to attend that round, though you won’t have to submit feedback then.

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