Week 13 Group’s Email

Week 13 Group emailed me even more ridiculously late, on Buddha’s Birthday. (And by the way, with a pretty thin excuse, since the email address provided on my classes website is [email protected]! Seriously, the address is in a mailto link on this page.)

Of course 28 May — Buddha’s Birthday — was a national holiday, so I did not spend it sitting at my computer, waiting for irresponsible students to send me an email at the last minute. Therefore, I am posting their email now, in the morning of 29 May. I don’t know if anyone will be able to do any of this preparation — and I don’t know how much you will learn from today’s class, as a result — but it’s out of my hands.

Here’s the email, in any case:

Dear. professor Sellar

We are week 13.

I’m really Sorry for lateness. I had an misunderstand for your mail address.

I sent our e-mail for [email protected] last thursday.

We are going to talk about Media law. I attached some links.

Civic group blast new broadcasters


[Editorial] Politics of broadcasting


New cable channels go on air


Star TV directors move to cable channels


Thank you. See you tomorrow.

From week 13

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