Feedback Page & Challenges Status Updated


I’ve added links for the feedback pages for the last few Student-Led Discussions. I apologize for their lateness — I’m simply overloaded with almost twice as many classes as your other professors in our department, and it’s hard to keep up. I’m not saying this to complain, it’s just a simple fact.

Please note, I have added links for next week’s discussions, to avoid delays, but please don’t fill them out until AFTER Sumin’s and Yunshik’s discussions, okay? Ha!

I will be working through the challenges I’ve received tonight and tomorrow, and will update this post when I have completed them.

I’ve also updated your Challenges Status here. I cannot stress enough how important it is that when you submit a Challenge to me by email, you include the word Challenge, spelled correctly, in the header. (And send it to the right address, ie. the one on your syllabus.) If you email me a challenge to the wrong address, or with the wrong text in the subject line, and I don’t see it because of this, the problem is yours, not mine!

I look forward to hearing your Big Heist Presentations on Thursday!

Here’s hoping your plan is smarter than this one:

Here’s a slightly smarter one (though it relies on “magic” technology a little):

And a trailer for one of the funniest heist movies ever, also with Morgan Freeman:

Note: you don’t need to plan a robbery. Any intelligent crime plan is fine for this exercise. And as a reminder, you shouldn’t actually commit the crime: we’re just planning them for the sake of a thought experiment, for fun, and for getting you to speak about things you normally don’t discuss in English. Okay?

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