Stuff to Practice

Last time, we worked on “self-presentation.”

For homework, you should practice whatever aspects of that were brought up in class: posture, facial expression, walking with confidence, finding a “home position” for your hands, and so on.

Next week, we’ll spend  our first class (on 10 Sept) working on some other basics for public speaking, like these:

  • eye contact
  • projecting your voice correctly

Then, on 12 Sept., you will tell us the fairy tales you’ve prepared, doing the best job you can with all the basics. We will provide you with feedback, specific help, and even drill some of the skills you individually need to improve. So make sure you have your fairy tale ready.

Also, please scroll down and check out the post from earlier this week, where I put up a video summarizing the positives and the negatives in your introductory speeches. It’s a good review of the first hour of Wednesday’s class, and you should definitely try to figure out which of these points apply to your speech.

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