Brewing Session: Sign Up!


For today’s class update, please scroll down to see my post. But before you do:

In all my classes, I’ve announced the opportunity to learn how to make beer. On Sunday, 23 September, I will be teaching how to make a traditional “ale” beer to any students who are interested. We will make two kinds of beer. We will meet at 11:00am, and probably finish by 6pm, if not earlier.

Then, (some or all of) the students who made the beer will serve it at the Department of English Language & Culture “Movie Night” party, on the evening of 6 November.

In past semesters, students have made excellent beer, and it has really added some enjoyment to Movie Night.

We will be serving what was left from the last Movie Night beer at this semester’s Happy Hour event, which is happening on 20 September. (I’m not sure when and where, but this will be announced on the bulletin board outside room IH341.)

If you’re interested, please sign up here by 18 September, so that I know we will be brewing, and I can get ingredients and prepare my equipment. You’ll get an email on or before 20 September explaining what you need to prepare — what to wear, basically, as well as where we will meet.

If students sign up, we will make beer. If nobody signs up, no beer. Very simple! Oh, and… feel free to invite your friends! (They don’t need to be in our department: I don’t mind, as long as they want to try and learn and make some beer!)

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