Update on Our Films


Well, I asked you nicely for your emails, twice. I didn’t receive them. So when I got stuck at home with an appointment I didn’t realize was today, I tried to organize things so you could get your files today.

We’ll be organizing files for our class using Dropbox. I’ve invited everyone to Dropbox using the email addresses in the UCUPS system. Here are the addresses I invited:

Please check your email at this account. If you do not have an email address at this account, please send me an email. My email address is on the syllabus, which you can download from our class website — it’s my first post in that page, meaning it’s at the bottom of this page. (But, heck, here’s the link again.)

When you sign up for Dropbox, using the address I invited you with, you will get access to the files in the folder I have shared with you. There are three .zip files there: you need to unzip them to get the files.

As for the films we’ll be watching:

  • On 18 September, we’ll finish discussing The Muppet Show, and also discuss Grizzly Man, a documentary film. We will also talk about your midterm essay.
  • On 25 September, we’ll finish discussing Grizzly Man and begin discussing Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, a teen comedy film.

I will also be setting up our class mailing list soon. If your usual email address is not the same as the one in the image above, please let me know on Friday, so I can subscribe whatever address you plan on using to the list. (And also add it to the Dropbox invite list.)

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