Midterm Exam: Date and Time and Place!

Hi everyone!

Okay, I know you’ve all been holding your breath with curiosity, so I’m glad I can give you the information about your midterm exam. It was hard to get a decent room for this event, so close to the end of October, so our secretary did her best and came up with this:

Date: Monday, 29 October

Time: 7-9pm (?)

Place: IH267

We actually have the room booked from 6:00pm onward, and I expect you will show up then to help prepare the room for the event, get used to the space, and so on.

If you have some kind of scheduling conflict, I expect you to figure it out. I would be happy to write a note for any professor whose class you would have to miss for this exam, just let me know.

We will need to organize some snacks and drinks and so on, but the most important thing is that we have an audience. That means you need to start telling (and maybe bribing?) all your friends and family now–anyone who understands English well enough to enjoy an evening of ghost stories!

You must bring at least 6 people, but if you bring more, it will be better for you. I will try get some people to come and listen, also, but it’s hard, I know.

Each student will tell a ghost story of between 5-10 minutes. I, too, will tell a ghost story. So probably our event will only take an hour, but scheduling 2 hours is better, because these things often start late, and because a little extra time never hurts.

I won’t print up tickets or track who brought how many people for the midterm, though if there’s a problem with audience numbers, I will track it for the midterm. (And you don’t want that!) However, I encourage you to invite a lot of people. These events are usually MUCH more useful to you in the process of learning public speaking, and much more fun for everyone, when there’s a big audience. If you could bring 10 people each, it would be a lot better.

Let’s try to remember to figure out who will bring what for snacks in class on 22 October, okay?


Remember what you’re supposed to be doing in this speech! I will be paying attention to your:

  1. Self-presentation
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Voice Projection
  4. Gestures
  5. Vocal Emphasis
  6. Dramatization

Also, your goal is to produce some kind of emotional effect in your listener. That is very important. And last, but most important: as always, your job as a public speaker is to be interesting to your audience!

Be warned: I will be video-recording your story–yes, with a video-camera–so you can see how you performed. You will use the video in the process of self-evaluation after the exam. So don’t freak out when you see the camera, okay?

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