For Next Time


In class on Monday, we developed some “interesting” questions about the connections between the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou? and Homer’s The Odyssey.

In your group, you were responsible for developing 5 “interesting” questions. Next class (ie. 24 October) you will be responsible for handing in, as a group, a single sheet with your five interesting questions typed out in clear, easy-to-understand English. The questions should be focused on the connection between the film and the original Homeric story, and invite exploration of that connection in interesting ways. You will hand in a single sheet as a group, with the names of all members written on it. Be advised, if someone in you group refuses to do his or her part of the work, I am always very happy to bring down the wrath of Zeus upon their heads… just let me know.

I recommend your group develop some partial answers to your own questions, as our class discussion on Wednesday will involve exploring some of your most interesting questions.

Your other homework for class on Wednesday is to read up on the blues musician Robert Johnson, especially about the mythology surrounding how he got so good at the guitar, and the circumstances of his death. (That is, read up on both his Death and the “Devil Legend” over on Wikipedia.) You should also re-watch the scenes where he appears, as one of those scenes gives a hint as to “who Poseidon is” in the context of Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

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