To All Students Assigned to Me For Advising for the Presentation Contest, Fall 2012

Hi there.

If you’re here, reading this, then you’re one of the following students:

  • 문성원
  • 여정구
  • 황은지
  • 박소영
  • 이슬
  • 김선애
  • 김철정
  • 이덕주
  • 김용호
  • 하임정
  • 백승민

I would like for us to all meet up in a single big group in my office. However, since I don’t know your schedules, I’m not sure which evening works best.

So I’m using this poll to collect information to help me schedule a big meeting, or two smaller meetings. Fill out the following poll:

The deadline for filling out this poll is 12pm (noon) on Friday, 19 October. If you don’t fill it out before then, then you can’t complain when the schedule doesn’t work for you!

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