Midterm Self-Evaluation Form Up Now!


This class’s Midterm Self-Evaluation form. It’s in three parts!

Since exam week is so busy for so many of you, I’ve decided to be a little nice and give you a longer deadline for this: make sure you fill all three parts of the self-evaluation by 26 October.

(I recommend you budget a few hours for yourself to fill out this self-evaluation; it’s pretty long! Also, I strongly recommend that you be honestin this self-evaluation. Giving yourself high grades just because you want high grades is not a good idea. If you think you deserve an A+, your comments in each section should explain WHY you think so.)

On Oct. 23/25, we will have Student-Led Discussions. See here for the names of the leaders and the topics we will discuss!

The Student-Led Discussion will only take up the first hour of class. The second hour of class will be taken up by an exercise which will lead to a group presentation which you will make during our class on 30 October. In preparation for that class, I would like you to watch these videos:

… and look up the word “heist” in the dictionary.

Also, for our class discussion on Tuesday, Nov. 6th, please read the following article:

We will discuss the article in small groups, and then expand the discussion to a bigger, whole-class-sized group.

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