For Next Week


I’ve uploaded the links for feedback for the last two student-led discussion days. They’re at the usual place.

In class last week, I said that on 30 October, we’d talk the article on Deafness as a Culture that I uploaded a few weeks ago for you. However, since it’s the day before Halloween, I’d like to talk a little bit about that holiday in class.

First, we’ll do an exercise in talking about different beliefs. Then, after I talk a little about Halloween, I’d like to have a discussion about ghosts, life after death, the supernatural, magic, and so on. We’ll break down into smaller groups, and discuss our own beliefs and opinions about this subject.

On Thursday, we’ll have the usual student-led discussions (see the schedule for more info on that).

Finally, I’ll be collecting topics for the second half of semester in class on Tuesday, so make sure you have some ideas for your topics. If you want to suggest a few possible topics, I’ll post the best one to our class website.

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