Challenges Updated, and Plans for the Next Few Weeks


I’ve updated the Challenges Tracking Page list to reflect all the Challenges submitted up to today at 1pm. If you submitted your challenge without a date, I guessed as to when you submitted it. (Always put a date on your work!)

I’ve also updated the Student-Led Discussions Feedback page with links for last week’s discussions (as well as for this week, to make sure I don’t forget).

Also, I added some links to make this website more convenient for you specifically: the links are for the important pages in our class, and they’re right after the course links on the right side of this page. There are links related to our Challenges List, Challenges Tracking Page, Discussions Schedule, and Discussions Feedback Page.

Finally: changes in plans have left course preparation in a jumble, especially just before Halloween. A few weeks ago, I asked you to check out some videos related to “heists”. On 13 November we will do an activity related to this, which will lead to a presentation by you (in groups) on 20 November. So please check out those videos (or refresh your memory) and look up the word “heist” so you can define it in class for 13 November.

As planned, on 6 November we will discuss the article “Deafness as Culture” which I asked you to read way back in October.

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