Presentation Contest & Mosaic

Hi everyone!

Here are the dares and times for the Presentation Contest:

11/19 (Mon) 17:00  @ IH267
11/20 (Tues) 17:00 @ IH340
11/21 (Wed) 17:00  @  N301

Supposedly there are approximately 13 people speaking each evening, but you can check the dates and times on a posting outside IH341 sometime this week.

Your attendance will be counted at the Presentation Contest and will count toward your grade in this class. As a student in a Public Speaking course, you are required to attend two (2) evenings of the three listed above. You will not leave early without a very serious reason.

In order to help you concentrate, and to help provide more feedback to our student presenters, you will fill out one copy of this form for each individual who speaks are the contest:

You should not put your name on the papers, as they will be given to the speakers. Instead, staple an extra half-sheet or post it note to the pile with your name on it. Filling out one sheet for each speaker (two sheets for a partner-presentation) will be part of your homework grade in this course.

And remember: Friday, 23 November we will all attend the Mosaic event. (Again, attendance is mandatory at Mosaic.) Mosaic is happening at 약학대학 강당, which I think is in the OLD DORMITORY building (now the temporary Pharmacy building) but I’m not sure.

Lastly, for Seniors the Graduation Examination IH340 for seniors will be held 11/29 (Thurs) 18:00 at IH340.

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