For Your Heists/Scams/Cons

Folks, When I assigned your homework for next week — the presentation you’ll be preparing with your classmates — I mentioned I’d include for you a list of movies featuring heists, scams, cons, and so on.

Since I just ran across a game that deals exclusively with heists, scams, and cons, and they have a really good list of recommended films, I’m going to simply include two pages from that book — with their list of recommendations — for you to check out.

You’ll notice that one Korean film made the list: Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. But I recommend the first four films in the list, as well as the last list (TEN CRIMES THAT DO NOT PAY). Check out one or two of the films on the list, and see if you can’t take notes about dialog, idioms, demeanour, and other stuff you can use during your presentation.

Warning: there are some “bad word” English-language idioms in this  list. If you want to know what they mean, feel free to ask, but I wouldn’t use them in normal conversations if I were you!

As for your presentations: remember, each group will have 20 minutes to present (in great detail) their plan to the class, and especially to me. Then we’ll have 10-20 minutes of question-and-answer, in which I will be playing your Gangster Boss, and the other group will have the right to question, critique, and attack your plan.

Your fate will depend on whose plan I like better, but also how well you defend your plan against the criticisms I and your other classmates make! So prepare carefully, do your best, get into character (you’re gangsters, after all!) and gave fun preparing!

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