Room Change!

I am happy to announce that our classroom, beginning this Monday, is IH342!

A funny story: the university things that our classroom in Maria Gwan has a heater installed! They insisted that they had the heat on normally, just like the rest of Maria Gwan. Since our secretary told them it doesn’t, and they told her, “No, it has heat,” I recommend that you students complain to the Facilities Office that there in fact isn’t a heater installed. The classroom obviously needs one and nobody’s going to install it until they realize it’s not there.

Anyway… that’s that! See you in IH342 on Monday afternoon!

And, as a reminder, I look forward to discussing Arthur Machen’s “The Great God Pan” with you this week. (From Wednesday to next Monday.) I’ll say what I have to say about our last discussion in class on Monday, and let you have a look at your midterm exams as well. There should be some new material available for you by Tuesday to prepare for the week after, too…

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