For Next Week

Sorry for the delay, folks!

I’ve been wrestling with computer problems this week (again): I finally reinstalled the OS on two (2!) machines, and they’re working well. But since it’s taken me a while to get back to this state, I don’t think my plans for discussing horror in Korean, Japanese, and Anglophone cultures is quite going to work. (Yeah, I wanted to make us watch three things.)

Maybe that’s best: this way, we can ask Erika what Japanese horror film she recommends!

Anyway, for this week, I’m giving you something very different: some older British comedy, which I think might open up some discussion about interesting differences between British and Korean society. I’m going to ask you to all episodes of Brass Eye at least once (they’re pretty short), but to pay especially close attention (ie. watch a few times) Episodes 2 & 3. (That is, the episodes on Drugs and on Science.)  You will be able to find those files in the usual place.

We’ll follow up with some genre films and TV for the following weeks: I particularly want to talk about horror, and about SF. It’s important we talk about SF since it’s the dominant form of popular entertainment in the English-speaking world today. (Believe it or not.) That’s weird, and interesting, and very unlike Korea… so it deserves some discussion.

So, I promise, next week we’ll talk about horror… but this week, it’ll be comedy… of a particular kind. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the videos.

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