Challenges Updated, and Self-Evaluations

Well, we’re getting down to the end. I’ve updated the Challenges Tracking Page, but before you go there, read the rest of this post first.

First of all: if you want to understand the results on the Challenges Tracking Page, consider this:

1. “Bonus Days used up” means you have completed an extra challenge during Final Exam Week, which means you have reached the limit for submitting challenges.

2. “Submitted but doesn’t count. Only one bonus week submission allowed,” means that you have submitted more challenges than you actually have time to complete considering the date when you first began submitting challenges. You have submitted your maximum number, and should stop now!

3.  Other results like “TRY AGAIN” and “STILL WAITING FOR (…)” are self-explanatory. Remember, even if you have completed and submitted later challenges, a problem with an earlier challenge will prevent the later ones from being counted! So take care of those problems!

Next, your End-of-Semester Self-Evaluation is now available. Sorry it is a bit late:

NOTE: you have until 12:00 NOON on Monday, 17 December to complete this self-evaluation!

Finally, I will be leaving the feedback from your classmates, regarding the student-led discussions you led, in the office sometime later this week, or early next week. When they are ready for you to pick up, you will get a message from the university, or I will email you at the address you use when you fill out your self-evaluation…

Thanks, and good luck with exam week!

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