Day 2: 23 June 2015

Hi everyone,

Good work today!

We just finished our second class together, out of a total of sixteen classes, and have completely finished Chapter 1 of Great Writing I, mostly because it’s a review for a lot of you. Please don’t forget the subjects to discussed covered:

  • Run-on sentences (too long: not in the book) and sentence fragments (sentences missing a piece: see page 10).
  • Some of the rules about using the prepositions At, On, and In. (See page 13.)
  • The rules for how to use capital letters properly. (See page 16).
  • End punctuation for sentences (. and ! and ?: see page 17).

Also please remember your two most important jobs as a writer:

  • Be CLEAR!


Please don’t forget your homework for tomorrow: read and do the exercises for pages 34-38. Tomorrow I’ll be checking to see that you completed your homework (and answering any questions you have) before we continue on starting with page 39.

The Paragraph Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.09.14 PMI also promised that I would create the paragraphs blog on Blackboard. I just did that, so please check it and post your paragraph. If you log into Blackboard, you’ll see a new link on the class menu, called “Your Paragraphs Blog.” I’ve highlighted the link in blue in the picture on the left.

If you click on the  link, you should be able to visit the Paragraphs Blog and post your paragraph. Please read my instructions on the blog carefully, and remember: posting paragraphs affects your “Daily Writing Practice” grade, while writing comments for others’ paragraphs affects your participation marks for the course.

Remember, the first paragraph for you to post is the one you wrote in class (and got feedback on from your partner). You should post it before class begins tomorrow afternoon, so that if there are any problems with the Paragraph Blog, you can let me know tomorrow.

Good luck and have a good evening, everyone!

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