Day 3: A Question About Formatting, and Your Homework

Hi everyone,

Sorry to post late, but I just got home. If you didn’t see it before you did today’s homework, don’t worry too much about it.

Today I got a question about formatting: how can you use Tab to indent a paragraph on a webpage (like the Paragraphs Blog on Blackboard)? The easy answer is: you can’t. I decided to make a short video to explain how and why—and how to show a new paragraph in a web page—as well as help you with double-spacing in a Word Processor. Please check out the video:

That should answer all your questions!

We’re about halfway through Chapter 2 of the book, which is great! You have two homework assignments:

1. To type up the paragraph you wrote today in class, using the Question Process, and upload it to the Paragraphs Blog sometime this week. Don’t worry if it’s not done by tomorrow.

2. To write a new paragraph, using the example paragraphs we looked at at the end of class, which give an opinion in the topic sentence, three reasons for that opinion in the body of the paragraph, and repeat the opinion in the Concluding sentence. You need to type that paragraph, print it, and bring it to class tomorrow.

That’s everything! See you tomorrow!

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