Unit 4 Handout (Day 4)

Hi everyone,

Your weekend homework is to check out the third and fourth page of Unit 4 (page 24 and 25) and the back of the handout I gave you in class. Here’s a copy of that handout:

Next week, we will discuss the things on the chart on page 24 (beauty, intelligence, talent, smile, height, weight, and more) and whether they’re important.

You should also think about a big accomplishment of yours: something you did that was a big achievement. It could be winning a contest, passing a difficult class, making something yourself, or whatever. You will tell the story to a group, and they will ask you follow-up questions afterward. Use page 25 to prepare for the discussion, before you come to class on Monday!

Finally, I’ve posted the Discussion board where you can participate in discussions outside class. You can visit that board by clicking on the second link in the Blackboard Menu for this class, “General Discussion Board.” Please stop by and either start a discussion or contribute to one that’s already started!

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