Weekend Homework

Congratulations, today we finished Chapter 2 of Great Writing 1! Today was our fourth day of class, and we reviewed the following Grammar Points:

  • Using Subject & Object Pronouns (pages 50-51)
  • Using Posessive Adjectives (page 55)
  • Avoiding Sentence Fragments (page 58)

We also studied the parts of a good paragraph:

  • The Topic Sentence (page 45)
  • The Body (page 53)
  • The Concluding Sentence (page 60)

The homework for this weekend is simple:

1. Complete Activities 23 & 24 (Building Better Vocabulary and Using Collocations) on pages 64 -64 of the textbook. I’m pretty sure those are the pages I mentioned at the end of class. If I said something different, it was a mistake. Please ignore my mistake and just do pages 64-65!

We will check the answers in class on Monday!

2. Edit your paragraph. I mean the paragraph that you typed and brought to class today, and which your partner edited. Check your partner’s feedback. Then edit your paragraph, and print it again. You need to bring it to class on Monday, because you will submit it to me. At the top of the page, please type your name, student number, and the heading Writing Assignment #1. You must hand the paragraph in on Monday at the beginning of class. (It is part of your homework grade.)

You should check the paragraph for all the grammar problems we’ve discussed in class, and to make sure the Topic Sentence, Body, and Concluding Sentence are doing what they should be doing.

By the way, since this is your first written assignment, I strongly suggest you look at the following advice:

3. If you haven’t already done so, post the other paragraph you wrote—the process paragraph your wrote using a series of questions yesterday—to the Paragraphs Blog. Make sure you have posted four paragraphs this week. If you need a topic for a new paragraph, there are some ideas on pages 68-69 in the section titled Additional Topics for Writing.

Finally: here’s the nightmare couch I said I’d show you a picture of!


I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares! Ha!

That’s all! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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