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Hi everyone!

Well, I didn’t get any questions by 5pm, so I guess you don’t have any questions with the rules for the Midterm Videos. However, I should let you know: there’s a place for you to upload your midterm videos here on Blackboard. The place is in the DISCUSSION BOARD section of our class page on Blackboard. If you look in the menu on the right, you’ll see “Discussion Board.”

You’ll see three discussion boards there:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.32.43 PM

The first one is just for general discussion. You already know about that.

The second one is for your Midterm videos. Please upload the video there. DON’T EMAIL IT TO ME unless the upload doesn’t work!

I was able to upload a small video there earlier. I don’t know what the file size limit is, but you might need to convert your video to a smaller file size. One program you can use to do that is Handbrake, and here’s a video guide on how to resize a video file. If Handbrake doesn’t work for you, you should search the Internet and find another program that will work for you.

Finally, there’s also a Discussion Board for uploading your Challenge 1 audio recording. You can upload an MP3 there.

In all cases, please make it very clear whose video or audio file it is. You should rename the file with your name or names, like this:


You should also write a message to go with the file, like this:

Here is the midterm video file for Minjae Song and Saemi Gu. It is a .mov file of 356 MB. Thank you!

That is always helpful for me when it is time to grade your exams.

Thanks everyone, good luck with your videos and audio files!

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