Challenge #2 Rules

Here are the rules for this week’s challenge!

Challenge 2 (Week 3): Video Review

Due Date: Friday, 10 June (2015), 5:00 p.m.

Task Description: You must make a video reviwing something—a cafe, a restaurant, a tourist site, a book or a movie, anything of your choice—using only English.


  • You could review a book. You will be onscreen talking about the book, though you can include an image of the cover if you want to do so
  • You can go to a restaurant, shop, or public space (an amusement park or public park) and review the place on video while you are at the place.
  • You can review a film if you like, though usually in film reviews, a litle time must be spent including video clips or images from the film. (These clips do not count toward the minimum lengh of the video.)

Time Limit: Your video should be between five and ten minutes long. 


  • You must speak English in the video, and your speech must be clearly audible. (If I cannot hear your voice clearly, this challenge will be marked incomplete.).
  • There must be at least 4.5 minutes of you speaking in the video.
  • You must appear on screen in the video.
  • You must explain about the place or thing you are reviewing, as well as give your opinion about it, and try to explain or support your opinion with reasons or arguments.  

Evidence: You must record your video and upload it. Please make sure the audio quality is good enough. Probably you need to record yourself speaking indoors, because wind can make the audo recording outside quite terrible!

You will process the video using Handbrake or another tool, to minimize its size. You will post the video on Youtube and share a link on Blackboard. DO NOT DELETE THE VIDEO UNTIL AFTER GRADES HAVE BEEN RELEASED ON PORTAL.


Try to find a partner in the class who can help you make this video. You can be one another’s camera-person. Also, make sure to try make the video early in the week, in case there’s a problem and you need to shoot again before the deadline!


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