Day 2

Hi everyone,

Here’s the usual summary of assignments and homework for tomorrow:

1. Take the TOPIC SENTENCE you received from someone else, and:

  • Read it carefully, and decide what kind of paragraph it’s for. (If you cannot figure that out, change it a little to make it suit one of the kinds of paragraphs we’ve looked at.)
  • Write a paragraph for the Paragraph Blog using the Topic Sentence. Be as creative as you like: I don’t care about the content of the paragraph, only that you’re able to write the proper kind of paragraph that matches the topic sentence.

HINT: When you are writing your paragraph, feel free to look at the example paragraphs in the textbook that we have already looked at (as well as the example paragraphs you will be looking at in today’s homework) for structures, expressions or phrases, or even just good words you can steal and use in your own paragraph.

2. Today’s textbook homework for tomorrow is as follows.

A. Read and analyze Example P:aragraphs 6, 7, 8, and 9 (on pages 16-20). For each paragraph, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of paragraph is this? (Every type of paragraph is a tool for doing a different kind of job. What kind of job is this paragraph doing?)
  2. Is it a good paragraph? (Does the paragraph do the job well? WHY do you think it does or doesn’t do its job well? Is it badly structured, difficult to read or is it clear and interesting? Find clear reasons that support your opinion.)
  3. What can you steal from the paragraph? Use a pen to underline phrases, expressions, words, structures, or anything else you feel you could use in writing your own paragraph of this type.

You should also read the Post-Reading questions and think about the answers, but you don’t need to write all the answers out. Focus on analyzing the paragraphs.

B. Complete Activity 10 on page 23 (a review of Capitalization and End Punctuation), and read The Title of a Paragraph on page 25.

As always, if you have any questions, please note them and I’ll answer them if I can in class tomorrow! Have a good evening!

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