Week 3, Week 4

I’m hurrying to catch up with myself.

Week 3:

We talked about Stress, Priorities, and Balance. We played a game that made your group discuss many decisions in terms of stress and priorities, and talked about the results.
I also reminded you to start researching a topic of interest for your upcoming “Discussion Leadership Day.” These days will start just before the midterm, to make sure everyone gets a chance to lead a discussion.

Week #4:
We talked about Transformations. You discussed how you’d change yourself if you had the chance. Then, after examining the very silly Christmas Declaration, we completed an exercise in which your group took on the role of some segment of Korean society — some examples were illegal foreign laborers, working mothers, and elementary schoolchildren — and you drew up a list of complaints and a list of demands for change.

The neatly-written or typed version of your lists of complaints/demands is due next week!

Week #5 Activities & Goals:

  1. I’ll be asking for you to write down and submit to me your chosen research topic for your Discussion Leadership Day. This is very important, since you will probably talk with me about this during your midterm exam, and since you will also need to lead a discussion sometime just before, or sometime after, midterms.
  2. We’ll be talking about different ways to distinguish between subjective opinion and objective fact in conversation, and why it’s important.
  3. There will be a short article for your group to read and discuss on Tuesday, and a longer article and exercise for you to complete on Thursday.
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