Han (Next week’s Panel Discussion)

Next week, we’ll be discussing The West Wing. While the discussion will be general, I’m asking everyone to watch one episode of the show. The pilot episode of Season 1 is an alright place to start, but most any episode will do.

Unless you’re one of the panelists, make sure NOT to watch Episode 4 of Season 5 (Han) because we’ll be watching at least some of it in class. It will be part of the discussion, but the discussion will be more general, and will be focused on presidents and powerful people in media, not necessarily only on The West Wing.

I do recommend you take a look at the transcript for the episode I’ve mentioned, however. It’s available here, as are transcripts for many other episodes. In the meantime, Check out the panel discussions schedule and make sure you’re prepared. I’ve made slight changes to the schedule, as mentioned in class. A recommended preparations schedule will be posted soon…

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