• Discussions Schedule

    Here is the schedule you signed up for discussion leading:

    15 April: Sang Woon Hong

    29 April: Han-Kyu Lee

    6 May: Hye-Jeong Lim

    13 May: Ki-Wook Yeo

    20 May: Soo Jin Kim

    27 May: Jung Hee Seo

    29 May: discussion of interview videos

    3 June: So Ra Jo

    5 June: Jung Myeong Lee, followed by Saem Yoo

    10 June: Su-Hee Cho

    12 June: Yong Heon Kim

    Please remember to think of a topic in the next few weeks. You will have to warn the class about what you’ll be talking about, so they can prepare for the discussion, just like you have to do.

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