The Discussion Feedback Papers

Note: this is NOT for Midterm exams. For Midterm exam evaluation papers, please check here.

For Discussion Feedback sessions, we will use the following papers for feedback. Please make sure to print some up for yourself, and makes sure to bring them to class every time we have a discussion. (You’ll need extras, actually, for friends who run out.)

If you’re NOT leading, you need to print out this paper:

Student Feedback Sheet (PDF): You’ll be using this sheet to assign a grade to your groups’ leaders, to help your group decide on a feedback rating.

IF you ARE leading, you’ll need to print out these sheets:

Leader Feedback Sheets (PDF): You’ll be using the first sheet to give a feedback grade to your group(s) and, on the back, to rank students who were exceptionally good participators, or exceptionally bad ones. You’ll be using the second sheet to evaluate your own discussion leading-abilities.

As with all feedback, comments are important. If you don’t make comments, you’re not taking the feedback seriously enough, and will lose marks.

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