Midterm Exam Self-Evaluation Paper

This week, you’ll be having your midterm exam. After the exam, I’ll be asking you to fill out both of these papers for the exam:

Conversation Exam (PDF): a page for you to evaluate yourself in terms of your performance during the conversation exam, as well as to evaluate your participation in the past 7 weeks of class. Please make sure you include plenty of comments; without them, you’ll lose a grade point for not taking the exam seriously!


Project Evaluation (PDF): this is the normal group project evaluation paper. Make sure you list all the members in your group besides yourself. (Your self-evaluation is on the other paper.) This will help me to know how hard your group members worked, and who you think did the best during the exam. Again, please include comments unless you want to risk losing marks for not taking the exam seriously!

Everyone, good luck on your presentations!

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