Fill Out the POLL, folks!

If you scroll down (or follow this link), you’ll see a post with a link to a poll I’ve asked you to fill out.

It’s now the evening on FRIDAY, 24 September, and you’re supposed to be logging into Google Docs tomorrow to find the story that you will be critiquing for Tuesday. The only people who have filled out the poll are Seoyeon Kim and Moon Jungki (who filled it out twice).

If you don’t fill it out in the next 24 hours, I won’t be able to invite you to the Google Docs Folder Set for our class, and it will be your problem (and your grade will reflect that) when Tuesday arrives and you have no critique for Minjae… or, Minjae, when others have nothing to critique.

And let it be said that in future, I don’t like to have to remind students to do their work, especially not on a Friday night. (And I don’t want to have to update the website on weekends in general, thank you very much.)

Let’s be a little more organized, people!

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