Fallacies, Now No Longer a Draft!

Hi folks!

Well, I came to the website to look at the fallacies page, since I’d promised you a quiz in class on Tuesday. Imagine my shock and horror when I couldn’t find the link.

Turns out I posted it — in the wrong category (that is, in a class from last year). I guess I’m getting old or something…

So anyway, here’s the post, now in its rightful place (see below).

I have a different exercise for tomorrow’s class, don’t you worry. And we’ll have that quiz on Thursday. Oh, and by the way, I was still waiting for that video — it was apparently put into my mailbox on Friday, but I didn’t see it when I looked.

I’m trying to upload the file (and have been trying since the other day) but the network speeds on campus have been awful all weekend, and the file is 1.5 gigabytes and the media center didn’t compress it sufficiently — or cut it into individual files, either. Just in case it isn’t possible to upload it, please bring a USB drive of some kind so you can get a copy of the file on Tuesday.

You can submit your self-evaluations after seeing the video and adding your reaction to the video. Let’s say that’s due on Monday, 23 May. (In my mailbox in IH341 by 5pm.)

Now, for that link to the page on fallacies, see below!


I promised you a page explaining informal (argumentative) fallacies. This is a pretty good page, especially if you have an adblocker. (The advertisements are a bit distracting, but the explanations of the fallacies are pretty good, especially if you clink through the list of links for each type of fallacy, listed on the right side of the page.)

You don’t necessarily need to memorize all the names of the fallacies. Think of them as common “moves” that people make — like dance moves — and remember that it’s more important to remember the “move” than to know the name of each.

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