Your Midterm

For those looking for a copy of the video of your midterm exam, the BEST way to get it is to go to the Department Office ( IH341) with a USB drive and copy it from the CD available there. You can do it on one of the computers in the office.

However, if you don’t have a USB drive, you can download the file from my website. If you MUST do so, please ONLY download the file once. If you download it more than once, you risk driving my bandwidth usage for the month over my limit and then I will have to pay for it… or, in other words, my website will be offline until the amount gets paid. So download it no more than once, okay?

Here is the link for the video of your midterm:

PLEASE right-click on your mouse and Save As: I don’t have the capacity to stream a video this size from my site.

Since this is a HUGE file, I’m not sure how many of you will be able to download it before my limit is reached. So share with classmates by USB drive if you can!

You can submit your updated self-evaluations to me in class on Tuesday, 24 May. Thanks!

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