Booking? What Booking?

Folks, as of last Friday at 5pm, the office had not heard back about the requested room booking we made. As far as I know while writing this, we do not have a room booked for your final exam.

I am not happy, especially since I made the request several weeks ago (on 27 May, but after the office had closed). The room booking request was submitted the following week, on 31 May, which is only a day later than it could have been. Normally the booking would have been completed long ago. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying, but (as I find is often the case) the problem is somewhere up on the hill, and there’s not much I can actually do about it.

(Indeed, I suspect that it’s because Academic Affairs is busy working through room bookings for exams. I don’t know why this huge busywork is necessary — why they don’t just assume people will use their own teaching classrooms for the exam, unless otherwise specified — but I guess bureaucrats need to justify their existence somehow!)

Anyway, this is why no tickets have been put up on the website so far. We’ll talk about what we can do about this situation in class today.

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