Signing In to Post Your Video

Hi folks,

There was something I forgot to tell you, which is this:

When you go to Youtube, you will need to use a Google Email account to sign in. Not yours, but one I’ve set up especially for this channel. The account is:

[email protected]

That is the “user name” for the sign-in at YouTube. The password is the one I gave you in class. I will ask our secretary to send you the password once more (as a text message to your phone), in case you lost it.

So go ahead and login, upload your video, and of course submit your transcript to the office (IH341) as soon as you can! I look forward to seeing all your videos. I’ll set up a feedback page and update this site later today!


Here are the pages for submitting evaluations of your classmates’ speeches. Please be careful: some names look quite similar when written in Roman letters. I’ve listed students in the same order as the attendance sheet, in order to help you.

  1. Jung-gu Yeo
  2. Boram Kim
  3. Minjung Kim
  4. Juyeon Gong
  5. Sora Kim
  6. Hana Park
  7. Youngdae Won
  8. Yeonjung You
  9. Hyeonjung Yoon
  10. Seul Lee
  11. Jiyoung Lee
  12. Mijin Jang
  13. Yuri Kang
  14. Minyoung Kim
  15. Hyeongseok Park
  16. Jinho Yeom
  17. Hyunshik Oh
  18. Kyeongmi Jung
  19. Youngni Choi
  20. Jiyoon Heo

Remember, you must evaluate your own speech. I expect more detailed feedback comments — as well as some thoughts on what skills you would like to improve further — in the written feedback section of your own self-assessment.

If there’s a problem with one of the links, just let me know. I tried to test them all but there are a lot so I might have missed one or two!

Finally, as you can see above, there are 20 students in our class. (In fact, though I haven’t checked UCUPS, the gradesheet has 22 names.) This means, unfortunately, that some of you will be getting a lower grade than you deserve. I hate this system, it’s unfair, but there is nothing I can do about it. If you were able to convince Korean professors not to inflate student grades, the curve would not be necessary. But until then, I’m afraid the curve will be unavoidable, in classes of this size.

Please remember that your grade is not an evaluation of you as a person; indeed, because of the damned grading curve, your grade isn’t even a fair evaluation of your work. If you would like to see what grade I feel you earned, the information will be included on the official grade sheets that I will submit at the office. This has been one of my best Public Speaking classes so far, so take heart. (Maybe you can give some speeches against the grading curve system on campus, and get students to do something about it?)

Have a great summer, folks!

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