Challenges Tracking Page Now Up! (And Discussions Feedback for 11 Oct.)


The Challenges Tracking Page is now up. You can see it here. It has the results for all the videos on our class Youtube channel right now (which is 9 videos in total.) If you’re not on the list, it’s because you haven’t uploaded a video yet… but now is a good time to start!

Also, while there were a few good videos, there was one that was outstanding. Jiyoung’s video is the one I mean, and I recommend you all check it out. It’s plain excellent:

Congratulations Jiyoung: I’m impressed, and I think this deserves some bonus marks. Good work!

ALSO: I’ve added the feedback links for the dicussions on 11 October at the usual place. Please fill out the feedback form for your leader (or group, if you were the leader) by 18 October.

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